You may have noticed recently that we advertising a lot of organisations offering opportunities to teach English in China with new ones popping up all the time.  

They all seem to offer roughly the same package, for example, salary, flight tickets (or reimbursement of), free TEFL training, medical insurance, help with accommodation, and there doesn't seem to be much to compare them with. However, there is one thing that may differ and that's the location.  

China is a huge, 9.6 million square kilometres in fact, geographically, ethnically and culturally diverse country and you will need to do your homework to find out where you would like to call home for a year or so. Many opportunities are in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing but of course, there are lots of other cities and towns to consider.  Someone recently described that living in China is like living in time-lapse mode, it's changing so fast. And as cities and towns grow more opportunities to work in them start to appear.

Last week, Professor Phil Thomas came in to talk about the opportunities he has been supporting for many years through  The Teach English in China (TEIC) programme.  This year, he has positions available in Zhengzhou in the Henan Province and Yangzhou in the Jiangsu Province.  Both offering long histories and very different experiences.  He mentioned that the salaries for these positions have been the highest he has ever known and in both cities the spending power is x3!   

If you missed the TEIC presentation then you can contact Professor Phil Thomas on or 07531789984 or read some of the participants' experiences on

For another insider view, Will Perrins from Opportunities China, who came along to the Opportunities Fair in November, draws upon his own experience in our blog post Interested in teaching in China but have concerns?

And if Hong Kong is a location that you think would suit you then Chatteris Education is on Newport and Cardiff campuses on February 12th.

Find other opportunities in China on Unilife Connect.