USW Freelancers Academy 2018

USW Freelancers Academy 2018 Application Form

Please provide a personal/business email address which will be active after you leave university
Describe your idea, product or business idea in no more than 200 words. This is an overview only.

Stage of Development

This is an important section. It will help us determine how far you have got with your idea and what support might be appropriate for you. You should consider have you made a prototype, have you tested the market, do you have any areas you need support with, do you know the costs to develop your idea further?
What need does your idea meet? Who is it for? Who are your customers or users of your product/service? What are the market trends? What competition do you have and how will you compete?

About you

Do you need to develop additional skills/knowledge to get your idea off the ground? Please identify all other individuals involved in developing this idea or founding the business and whether they are USW students/graduates.


How much will you charge for your products/services? Have you thought about the costs to set up and run your idea?
Please complete this section with anything else you feel will support your application which may include web links, photos….

Closing date for applications is Monday 7th May 2018

​Approval Process

Applications will be considered by the Student Enterprise team on a first come, first served basis

Once your application has been approved you will be notified and a deposit of £25 will be requested. Please be aware that we are unable to reserve places without payment in full even if your application has been approved. This deposit will be refunded in full after attendance of all 5 days.


All information contained within this application form will be treated confidentially.

If you have any questions please email or call 01443 654832.